“Avantwhatever.net Server Residencies”

We undertake hosting as creative and social practice, helping people to host their own stuff online and to develop shared server practices. We engage with the internet as material reality, from the technology employed, to the energy used, and country occupied.

Raspberry Pi 3 computer with ethernet cable plugged into it Avantwhatever.net runs a server on unceded Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung country. The server uses a low power Raspberry Pi 3 computer, running on 100% renewable power and free and open source (FOSS) software.

Raspberry Pi 3 computer with ethernet cable plugged into it

Caretakers Mateus, Rory, Patrick, Local Time and Ben collectively administer Avantwhatever.net, as a domain, server and residency.

Mateus Domingos likes to build and break experimental digital tools and practices, often involving networks and usually text-based.

Rory Green is a poet, editor and casual coder currently living on unceded Wangal land.

Patrick Hase enjoys tinkering with digital interfaces, and is interested in continuing to develop a creative and experimental approach to building tools with code that can be shared with others.

Local Time gardens, listens and learns. On the server, they 😶‍🌫️ and 🌙.

Ben Byrne is a listener, organiser and teacher who is learning about sysadmin and trying to connect it with curating as a way of building and supporting creative communities.

We can be contacted at .


Avantwhatever.net's inaugural server residents were Rory Green and Mateus Domingos.

Rory spent their Avantwhatever.net server residency researching for a prospective syllabus on making poems with web browsers. You can view Rory's research notes online. Mateus's presence on Avantwhatever.net can be found at motes.avantwhatever.net.

Read about their residency experiences in Mateus and Rory's text conversation.

Ben, Patrick and Local Time are delighted that both Rory and Mateus have joined the caretaker team as we prepare for 2023 residencies.

We are not currently taking applications for server residencies. If you'd like to be notified of future residencies, subscribe to the Avantwhatever newsletter.